Minecraft Earth Coming to an End

What happens to your purchases? All players who have paid ruby balances will receive Minecoins. These can be used on the Minecraft Marketplace to buy skin and texture packs, maps and minigames. You’ll also get a free copy Minecraft (the Bedrock version) if you have ever purchased in Minecraft Earth. We want to thank all … Read more

Splash potion or Lingering potion

Splash potions, and lingering potion are two special types of Minecraft magic liquids. You can make potions to help you in difficult situations. They come in different containers, which indicate different uses. These two types of potion are not the same as a normal potion. They can be consumed only by players. Brewing is an important feature of … Read more

Minecraft coal replacement

Minecraft requires fuel to cook and smelt. Coal is the best method to cook and smelt Minecraft items. It is a very abundant resource in Minecraft. Coal is also extremely efficient and the easiest item to use for furnaces. Coal is not always the best choice for smelting Minecraft items. There are many other elements that can … Read more

Underwater build ideas for your Minecraft world

It is the most difficult task in Minecraft to build underwater. It is one of the most rewarding builds in Minecraft. To make underwater building easier, players will need to use certain enchantments such as Respiration, Aqua Affinity, and Depth Strider. These are the best and most useful Minecraft underwater structures that you can make. Top 5 … Read more

How to keep items when you die in Minecraft

It’s not easy to survive in a Minecraft world. Even though it’s not as devastating as Hardcore Mode, dying in Survival Mode can cause a major setback. It is easy to recover experience lost if you have built a mob farm. However, losing an enchanted Netherite pickaxe and a highly sought-after name tag can be quite … Read more

Best modpacks for your Minecraft world

Minecraft players have the option to install mods in order to modify their game. These mods can be found in modpacks. One modpack can bring dozens of new features to the game. These include quality-of-life improvements and completely new dimensions. Many of these features have a unique theme. Modpacks allow players to add multiple mods in a quick … Read more

Where to farm dripleaves in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.18 is commonly known as the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update. It’s one of the most significant updates to the game since June 2020’s Nether update. This update transforms Minecraft’s terrain generation, turning caves into large hollow caverns and creating taller mountains. Minecraft 1.18 also adds several new biomes to the mountain and caves and … Read more

Minecraft Phantoms

The most disliked mob in Minecraft is the Phantoms. These pesky flying creatures attack players at night. They are annoying and disturbing, but they are essential to the game. Phantoms are magical creatures which spawn at night when players don’t sleep or die for longer than three days. These flying mobs are able to attack players by swooping … Read more

Minecraft landscaper job

It doesn’t feel like work if you do something you love. Although I think that is a lot of nonsense, I can see the appeal of being a professional Minecraft landscaper. This is the WhatShed job, a British magazine that covers gardening and sheds. This job is very interesting and attracts many applicants. I didn’t … Read more

Minecraft house designs

You can build your very own survival base or house by playing survival mode in Minecraft. It’s fun to decide what you will need to survive, and to set up Minecraft survival houses accordingly. You can still have fun building your home in creative mode. Survival mode lets you create your house by collecting all … Read more