How to keep items when you die in Minecraft

12. 29. 2022

How to keep items when you die in Minecraft

It's not easy to survive in a Minecraft world.

Even though it's not as devastating as Hardcore Mode, dying in Survival Mode can cause a major setback. It is easy to recover experience lost if you have built a mob farm. However, losing an enchanted Netherite pickaxe and a highly sought-after name tag can be quite frustrating.

There is an option that allows Minecraft players to keep their valuables in case they are lost.

A simple command can be entered into the chat console of a player to keep their Minecraft items safe even if they lose their experience. Players will want to make sure that cheats are enabled in their world before they enter the command.

If cheats have not been enabled, single-player players can open a single-player world to LAN from their pause menu. Players will need to make sure that they have the right privileges to use chat commands in multiplayer situations, such as Minecraft Realm or a server.

After cheats have been enabled, Minecraft players simply need to open their chat window and enter “/gamerule KeepInventory true” sans quotations. This will update the game rules for the server and allow anyone playing to keep their items after death.

This command must be used when creating new worlds or servers. Minecraft doesn't remember how to use it when switching between play areas or worlds.

Although this command will not preserve players' experience, it is much easier than searching for ancient debris blocks to re-form Netherite equipment.

It is risky to travel through a Minecraft world, particularly in its Nether or End dimensions. Death can occur quickly. The keep inventory command is a time saver. Nobody likes to trek back to the same location to search for their items, if they are still there.

Minecraft Survival Mode has many inconveniences, so save yourself the headaches.