Minecraft coal replacement

12. 14. 2022

Minecraft coal replacement

Minecraft requires fuel to cook and smelt.

Coal is the best method to cook and smelt Minecraft items. It is a very abundant resource in Minecraft. Coal is also extremely efficient and the easiest item to use for furnaces.

Coal is not always the best choice for smelting Minecraft items. There are many other elements that can be used to smelt Minecraft, some even more efficient than coal.

Five great alternatives for coal in Minecraft

5) Boats

Minecraft players are well aware that almost any item made from wood can be used to fuel your Minecraft game. However, they may not be aware that boats are the best wood objects to fuel.

Minecraft players who have many spare boats can be used to smelt in an emergency. Six total items can be smelted by a single boat.

Boats should be used only when they are needed. However, they smelt less than coal. It is not a good idea to build boats for smelting, as the wood can be used to make charcoal.

4) Charcoal

Charcoal is often referred to as the equivalent of coal in Minecraft due to its similar smelting properties. Charcoal can smelt items at the exact same rate as coal, 8 per charcoal. This makes it an excellent alternative.

Only the way in which the items are obtained is different between coal and charcoal. While coal comes from ores that must be mined for it, charcoal is made by melting wood logs.

3) Blaze Rod

Although it can be tedious to venture into the nether in search of blazes, it might be worthwhile for more efficient smelting. Blaze rods can be used to smelt 12 items. They are one of the most efficient fuel sources in Minecraft.

It can be tedious to travel back and forth between the netherfortresses and wait for the blazes spawn. A blaze farm could be an option for players.

2) Dried Kelp Block

The dried kelp block is one of the most efficient fuel sources for Minecraft. It can smelt 20 items in a single block, making it extremely efficient.

A dried kelp block can be made from nine pieces of dried kelp. You can dry kelp by melting it in a furnace. A Minecraft block made from dried kelp is only useful for cooking and smelting.

Even though this fuel source may not be ideal for all players, it will unlock a new achievement.

1) Lava Bucket

The lava bucket is by far the best source of fuel in Minecraft. The lava bucket is enough fuel to make 100 items by simply collecting it in a container and then placing it in a furnace.

The lava bucket can then be reused after all 100 items are melted. This bucket is an excellent investment in smelting items, as it only requires three iron ingots. Additionally, lava is a plentiful source in Minecraft.

While coal is an easy material for smelting in Minecraft, players will want to explore these alternative options.