Minecraft house designs

11. 23. 2022

Minecraft house designs

You can build your very own survival base or house by playing survival mode in Minecraft. It's fun to decide what you will need to survive, and to set up Minecraft survival houses accordingly.

You can still have fun building your home in creative mode. Survival mode lets you create your house by collecting all the blocks that go into it, which gives you a sense achievement and satisfaction unlike any other game.

You can personalize your survival house to meet your specific needs. It will be a virtual safe haven that you can use to help you survive. You can find many examples of survival bases and homes online that you can recreate.

We have chosen five of the most popular Minecraft survival houses designs for you to use in your survival game.

Minecraft's best survival houses

1) Fancy Roofed Survival House

YouTuber Folli designed and built this Minecraft survival house. It looks difficult to replicate with its fancy roof. It's easy to build, especially if Folli provides step-by-step instructions.

It is easy to arrange and large enough for a few rooms. You can customize the outdoor porch and create innovative architectural features with a simple wooden fence. You can also see the roofing process in action in this video.

2) Large Oak Survival House

The YYouTuber JUNSMAB has a complete list of materials you will need to construct this oak survival home. This design can be replicated in survival mode because oak is the most common building material in Minecraft.

The house has a traditional appearance and is large. The house also has a courtyard and living quarters on its first floor. To spice it up, he even adds wool blocks to the mix!

3) Starter Survival House

This Zaypixel creation is simple enough to reproduce for your survival plan. This two-story survival house can be customized for the bedroom and used as a storage area or crafting space.

Zaypixel cleverly uses campfires as a way to create a wooden canopy on one side of his house. He then surrounds it with fences to make it a safe outdoor space, such as a porch or animal pen for all the sheep and cows you will be breeding.

4) Ultimate Survival Farmhouse

YouTuber SheepGG created this farmhouse, which is a Minecraft survival area. It features a kitchen and farm on the ground floor, and a bedroom and bedroom on the first floor. Cool little tricks can be incorporated into the design.

A pond serves as the primary source for irrigation. You can add or remove rooms to the layout. It is a stunning survival base thanks to the clever use of oak and birch.

5) Large Spruce Survival Mansion

Folli designed this mansion. It is mainly made of spruce wood. The intricate design was created by Folli. Although it looks complicated at first, Folli's step by step tutorial makes it simple to recreate. The interior is full of storage and has a charming little attic with a window seat.