Minecraft landscaper job

11. 11. 2022

Minecraft landscaper job

It doesn't feel like work if you do something you love. Although I think that is a lot of nonsense, I can see the appeal of being a professional Minecraft landscaper. This is the WhatShed job, a British magazine that covers gardening and sheds. This job is very interesting and attracts many applicants. I didn't expect that so many would be children.

Landscape is an important part of Minecraft, even if you aren't one of the many millions who play it on a daily basis. Minecraft's procedurally generated natural environments have been crafted by players into a fine art.

Here are the duties of a virtual Minecraft landscaper.

You are basically a landscaper but in Minecraft. Consultants can earn up to PS50/hour, and they have the ability to set their own rates. A form is included in the listing for applicants to inquire about their experience and what makes them “excellent virtual landscape gardener.” The comments below the listing indicate that many of the most enthusiastic candidates for the site are quite young.

Nick said, “I'm 12 years old is that okay?” This is true dedication. Nick is a different level. I cannot imagine giving up my weekends for more work. It's nice that they can squeeze in an hour of consulting on weekdays, probably between homework and dinnertime.

“I've been playing Minecraft almost every single day since I was 7 years old.” Emma said that she is now 10 and was probably playing Minecraft on the Kindle Fire 8 tablet. Emma is continuing to shoot their shot, but Marrat is directly addressing the age question. “Hello, I'm 14 years old and do not own a gaming console. Can I still participate?” Good question, Marrat.

Richard replied, “I'm 14 and I'm trying to too good luck.” Swagg, a user, offered legal support to Emma's parade. “Legally you can. I'm 15, but the 10-year old is going to get depressed. Sir Swagg, and I are not sure that any of these kids should be too excited. The minimum age for work in the United States is 14, but in the UK it is 13. However, the age selection on the listing begins at 21. There is also an “Other” box where you can manually fill in your age.

Juan (15) is a strong argument, so I'm going to try my best to get them on board.

“My father is a landscaper so I am very involved in gardening and landscaping. I also have lots of spare time. Because I am so young, children won't feel as intimidated as they would with a 40-year-old. You can see that I have all the skills and requirements required for this job. Send me an email

While most of these children are only talking, I appreciated Daniel's resume. This is an example of their landscaping that was done entirely in survival mode. I think the South Park school bus is a great complement to any garden shed.

All jokes aside, these young Minecraft landscapers are far better than I could ever hope to be. I have played Minecraft for over 11 years, but still can't design a yard if it were my life. My mind is too busy thinking about how to arrange crops and add flowers to the mix. Perhaps I should hire WhomWhatShed gives the job to.