Minecraft Phantoms

10. 31. 2022

Minecraft Phantoms

The most disliked mob in Minecraft is the Phantoms. These pesky flying creatures attack players at night. They are annoying and disturbing, but they are essential to the game.

Phantoms are magical creatures which spawn at night when players don't sleep or die for longer than three days. These flying mobs are able to attack players by swooping down. These creatures are classified as undead, such as zombies and skeletons. Many players find them annoying and unwelcome. Although they can be annoying, they do offer some useful things to players.

Why is Minecraft important to have Phantoms?

1) Phantoms remind players not to go to sleep

Even though experienced players don't need to sleep, because they can handle hostile mobs well enough, new players do need to sleep. It can be frightening to go out at night in Minecraft. There are many hostile mobs that can kill and attack.

After a few days of not sleeping, phantoms can spawn. They may force players to go to bed and stop them from spawning. It is a good idea to sleep at night rather than taking additional risks.

2) Phantoms drop phantom membranes

Phantomtoms can be useful here, even though they are annoying and unwelcome. Phantomtoms, upon death, drop the phantom skin along with 5 XP. The phantom membrane refers to the dry, leathery skin that a phantom has.

Although XP points may be used for other purposes, the Phantom Membrane is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. These are the two main uses of this item:

A) Slow falling Brewing Potion

Phantomtoms are flying creatures so their membrane is special. This can be used by players to make slow-fall potions. This potion slows down a player's falling speed so they don't suffer any falling damage once they land.

This potion is extremely beneficial, especially for the Caves and Cliffs update. The mountains and caves are growing taller and deeper respectively.

B) Elytra Repair

Elytra, a powerful item that allows players to glide or even fly using fireworks, is extremely powerful. Elytra is fragile and easily broken if it is not repaired.

Players can repair their Elytra with phantom membranes by using them as a combination on an anvil. This is extremely useful as Elytra, a rare item, can be preserved with this membrane.